vendredi 22 juin 2018

Fathers of Marvel Comics

[ENG] People are asking for news about my Martin Goodman & Stan Lee comicbook project. The name for this project is, for now, "FATHERS of MARVEL COMICS".

Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko being the mothers, of course.

Plans often change based on circumstance. I've started my research exactly one year ago and still, I'm finding/ being given new info. Adjusting my plans as the scope grew, I kept breaking the work in smaller chunks so that I don't get intimidated by this challenging project.

Obviously, a big thank you as well to the Goodman, Brodsky, Lee, Steinberg, Warshaw and Solomon families, friends and relatives. I hope I didn't bother you too much.

I have to say I benefit from the work many others have done before ( Michael J. Vassallo, Blake Bell, Roy Thomas, Sean Howe, David Saunders, Raphael and Spurgeon, and so many others). In the first months, I reached out to people I respect and they helped me a lot with simple little advices ( Stephane !) or by giving me info or contacts( Sean, Xavier ). Many guys and gals I didn't know at all helped as well (I'm keeping a list ;) ). THANKS to all of you.

[FR] J'ai la flemme de traduire tout: il y a un an je commençais à travailler sur mon projet de BD sur Stan Lee & Martin Goodman. Aujourd'hui je dévoile officiellement ce qui devrait en être le titre: "FATHERS Of MARVEL COMICS / Les Pères de Marvel Comics".
Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko étant les mamans, évidemment.
Merci à tous ceux qui m'ont aidé cette année !