jeudi 18 janvier 2018

Stan Lee & Martin Goodman comicbook project.

On December 28, I started working on the script of my upcoming comicbook project about Stan Lee & Martin Goodman and the creation of Marvel Comics. December 28 was Stan Lee's 95th birthday so it seemed like a good date to start writing -- using an old typewriter!

I've been doing research for quite some time now and still need to understand a lot of things about the Great Depression Area, the distributors and how everybody worked back then, but I'm getting there.

On this day, 110 years ago, was born Martin Goodman. To celebrate, I tried for the very first time to draw this genius publisher. I believe I'll draw the comicbook project digitally, as I've been working that way for the past years, but on this occasion, I chose to draw Martin, using pen, ink and a bit of watercolors.

Hope you'll like it!

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