dimanche 31 décembre 2017

2017 is over...

2017 before the bacterial Meningitis: WORKWORKWORKWORK.
2017 after the bacterial Meningitis: Work & a lot of rest.

Thank you to all the bookstores and comicbook conventions that welcomed me all around the world this year:
Fibd Angouleme, AstroCity comic shop, Librairie Cognet, Clermont-Geek Convention, À l'Ombre des Bulles, Forum BD, Fana Manga, Supertoys France, La planète Dessin, Alfa BD, Comics Zone, Bd Fugue Café Annecy, La Bédérie, A plein rêves, Le Bidibul, L'Intrépide, Canal BD - Tribulles, Hisler BD, Foire Expo Compiègne, Salon de Noël de Saint-Quentin, Bulles en Cavale, Comic Con Paris, Tokyo Comic Con, Crosover Osaka, ライブドローイングイベント BRAVE & BOLD, Kaigai manga festa, Festival de Changé, Festival Tous en BD saint beauzire, and probably some that I forgot!

Special thanks to Lorenzino Nucera from Central - Comics Paris for getting me three times this year for three books I worked on and that were released this year in France:
- Daredevil / Punisher : Septième Cercle ( Panini Comics France)
- Super-Mélenchon contre la Caste
- Love is Love ( Bliss Comics)

I was happy to do some work on Marvel books like Guardians of the Galaxy : Awesome Mix, Dr Strange. Punisher : Magic Bullets, A Year of Marvels... And some other stuff, still not announced! ;)
Very very happy to do my first works for Lion Forge as well!

After Super-Mélenchon this year, my next creator-owned project will be a 400 pages comicbook about the creation of Marvel Comics, that I'm currently writting! There will be a video project about the production of this comicbook, directed by Enlil from Skript.fr. Can't wait!