mardi 17 octobre 2017

Inktober: Wolverine, Gremlins, Fight Club, Doctor Strange, E.R., Twin Peaks... - Virtual Reality Drawings

Another Inktober post... Those are 360 degrees Virtual Reality Drawings so make sure you click on the image to explore everything around.

Un autre post Inktober avec des dessins en Réalité Virtuelle (en gros, ce sont des illustrations conçues pour être vues en 360 degrés).

#15: "Mysterious". With Marvel comics very mysterious Doctor Strange.

The original art:

#13: "Teeming". The Gremlins! With a little Gizmo somwhere.

The original art:

 #14: "Fierce". Our very own Logan, mister Wolverine, versus... Well, I'll let you find out.

The original art:

#12: "Shattered". Fight Club! Tyler Durden! Pink! Soap!

The original art:

#11: "Run!". A scene from the TV Show ER (Urgences, en français). My fav episode "Be still my heart" from season 6, when Carter and Lucy got stabbed.

The original art:

#9: "Screech". Mashing up Twin Peaks and "Le Cri", from Edvard Munch.

And the original art for this one:

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