samedi 21 octobre 2017

Inktober 2017: Star Wars in VIRTUAL REALITY -360 degree drawing

Very proud of this one! As usual, it's a 360 degree drawing, so click and explore! (and if you own a Virtual Reality Headset of the likes of Google Cardboard or Occulus Rift, check this drawing with the VR mode on Kuula:

The original art for this Star Wars virtual reality drawing, starring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leïa Organa, Chewie and... Georges Lucas in the famous trash compactor scene from A New Hope! :D

Actually, there are three more characters hidden in the drawing!

jeudi 19 octobre 2017

Inktober : Ghost Busters & Faith

Two new Inktober 360 degree drawings. One, starring Slimmer from Ghost Busters, I did verrrryyyy quickly because time was scarce. The other one is quite unusual as I tried to do a comicstrip in Virtual Reality. It's a short scene I imagined around the theme "Fat", featuring Valiant Publishing superhero woman "Faith."

Hope you'll like those!


Original Art:


Original Art:

mardi 17 octobre 2017

Inktober: Wolverine, Gremlins, Fight Club, Doctor Strange, E.R., Twin Peaks... - Virtual Reality Drawings

Another Inktober post... Those are 360 degrees Virtual Reality Drawings so make sure you click on the image to explore everything around.

Un autre post Inktober avec des dessins en Réalité Virtuelle (en gros, ce sont des illustrations conçues pour être vues en 360 degrés).

#15: "Mysterious". With Marvel comics very mysterious Doctor Strange.

The original art:

#13: "Teeming". The Gremlins! With a little Gizmo somwhere.

The original art:

 #14: "Fierce". Our very own Logan, mister Wolverine, versus... Well, I'll let you find out.

The original art:

#12: "Shattered". Fight Club! Tyler Durden! Pink! Soap!

The original art:

#11: "Run!". A scene from the TV Show ER (Urgences, en français). My fav episode "Be still my heart" from season 6, when Carter and Lucy got stabbed.

The original art:

#9: "Screech". Mashing up Twin Peaks and "Le Cri", from Edvard Munch.

And the original art for this one:

mercredi 11 octobre 2017

Inktober: Silver Surfer and Galactus in all Virtual Reality glory !(360 degree illustration)

Inktober #10 has for theme... gigantic.
Well, let me tell you something, I've wanted to do Galactus in a 360 degree drawing for AGES. So, guess what? I did it! A four hour work and one of my dream comes true: I can know spend time with my virtual galactus. How I wish he could speak!

Here's a little Work In Progress of the damn thing:

Here's the final art:

And via Kuula, you can discover the drawing as a Virtual Reality drawing.
It's a 360 illustration, you need to click on the image to explore everything around. You can also put a VR headset on when seeing this pic on Kuula:

Hope you like it!

mardi 10 octobre 2017

My work: Guardians of the Galaxy : Awesome Mix #1

[ENG] Cool Marvel booked on which I did the layouts: Guardians of the Galaxy : Awesome Mix #1 !

[FR] Un comicbook sur lequel j'ai fait les layouts: Guardians of the Galaxy : Awesome Mix #1

Script: Anthony Piper
Layouts: JL Mast
Pencils: Mario del Pennino
Inks: Roberto Poggi
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Editor: Chris Robinson

Available here / Dispo ici:

lundi 9 octobre 2017

Inktober: Spider-Man & Vulture, Charlie Brown & Snoopy and Kill Bill -- Virtual Reality Drawings !

Another batch of Virtual Reality drawings I did for Inktober 2017. Keep in mind that each drawing was done in a little less than one day, and that you can see every VR illustrations I ever did with your 360 headset (Occulus Rift, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard) on this link:
Inktober Day 8: Spider-Man & Vulture (copyright Marvel Comics). It's a little throwback to a book I worked on called "A Year of Marvels #1", published in 2016.

Inktober Day 7: Peanuts: Charlie Brown & Snoopy!

 And Inktober day 6: Kill Bill! The scene where the Bride gets her Hattori Hanzo sword!

jeudi 5 octobre 2017

Inktober: Aquaman & Baby Groot -- Virtual Reality Drawings

Keeping up with Inktober and doing Virtual Reality Pictures. You can see the 360 illustrations when clicking on the links! If you have a Virtual Reality headset, make sure to check the drawings on my Kuula account, as the option to look at them with Google cardboards, Occulus Rift, Playstation VR etc is available!
Here's my two steps process:
1) Do a sketch over a 6 points perspective grid:
2) Draw the damn thing.

mardi 3 octobre 2017

Inktober 2017: Virtual Reality drawings.

I've been doing a LOT of 360 drawings this year, but I can't show them until... Well, until Mickey Mouse decide it's time to show them. Still, here are a few VR (virtual reality) drawings I did for Inktober (one drawing a day). The first two (flash & trump) were quite rushed but i'm quite happy with the Breaking Bad one.

Stay tuned, there are more coming! (liiiike Aquaman !)