mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Joe Quesada and me

12 years ago, in Paris, Olivier Jalabert introduced me to Joe Quesada (Known as an Artist on Daredevil and Chief Creative Officer at Marvel)
I was starstruck.

It was the first time I ever met an american artist, and one I'd admired!

He got me interested in Will Eisner by doing an hommage to commissionner Dolan in Daredevil. He got me interested in digital comics storytelling with Daredevil Zero. He was the proof you could start as an artist and move on to the business side without becoming an ass.

But I couldn't talk to him back then. I was a french kid with a really bad english. Too shy. I only got the nerve to ask for Joe's email and he did gave it to me (!)
Months after that, I wrote Joe an email, asking how I could become a writer for Marvel. He answered (!!) and among his advices: get a better english. The year after that, I left France for the UK - with no money and no friends there- to do just that: improve my english.
I've been working at MARVEL for 4 years now and sure, I've met Joe a few times, but I always feel starstruck when in front of him.
I do hope I'll be able to sustain a conversation with Joe Q sometimes in the next 12 years.

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