mardi 31 mai 2016

JL Mast at the Lyon Comic Gone, Seoul Promotion Plan & Comic Art Tokyo

[ENG] Japanese & Koreans friends, here I come!
I'll be in Tokyo & Seoul from June to August, so please, let me know if you're around, especially if you want to talk about digital content or transmedia/OSMU projects.

[FR] Prochaines dates en festival, en France, en Corée et au Japon: Lyon BD - Comic'Gone, SPP, Seoul Promotion Plan, C.A.T - Comic Art Tokyo Festival.

[JPN] 今度夏に東京 とソウルへ行くよう!日本と韓国の友達に会いましょう!今度夏に東京 とソウルへ行くよう!日本と韓国の友達に会いましょう!

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J'aime les chips. Et toi. Hein?! Et toi?