jeudi 12 mai 2016

Daredevil / Punisher : Seventh Circle #5 now available (Soule, Mast, Kudranski)

Hey gang!
Marvel Infinite's Daredevil / Punisher : Seventh Circle #5 and it's now available online! Check it out on the Marvel website (or the Marvel App if you have a smartphone or a tablet)!

Coucou les gens,
J'ai réalisé les storyboards du Turbomedia Daredevil / Punisher Seventh Circle #5, dispo en ligne ici !

Script by Charles Soule, 
Storyboards by JL Mast
Final art by Szymon Kudranski, 
Colors by Jim Charalampidis.
Edited by Jake Thomas & Charles Beacham.

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J'aime les chips. Et toi. Hein?! Et toi?