mardi 15 avril 2014

Of Ultimate Spider-Man Transmedia project, launching our Start-Up & not sleeping enough.

Haha, again, I forgot to update this blog.
So much going on right now.

With Geoffo, we're in the process of launching our start-up, specialized in Turbomedia (stories with digital reading in mind) and Transmedia projects. Lot of exciting stuff, lot of work, lot of everything.

But, definitely worth it.

We're also still working for Marvel Comics! Last month, one of our favourites projects has been announced at SWSX in Austin, Texas: Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics. A Transmedia project, linked to the Disney XD's TV show of the same name, in 24 All-Ages episodes, available for free, in 13 languages, soon!

We don't have a lot of time for social activities and sleeping stuff, but, again, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

More stuff and announcements in a few weeks!

Stay lucky!