vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Mast at MARVEL.

Mini-Spidey, by Soutch 
Cet article est disponible en Français ici.

I believe this is long overdue. Following is a list of every Marvel Infinite Comics (digital comic books designed to specifically take advantage of the format and capabilities of mobile devicesthat Geoffo and myself worked on, so far.


We did the layouts for the last two episodes of this maxi-series written by Al Ewing & Kieron Gillen, with final art by Lan Medina & Neil Edwards, inks by Terry Pallot, colors by Chris Sotomayor. We also adapted the whole 13 episodes for the paper edition.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital,  available on Marvel & comiXology's website and Apps (for Ios, Android & Windows phone)
- Hardcover edition, 100% paper. In English.
- Avengers Hors-Série 4 & 5, 100% paper. In French.


The first Infinite Comics we did the layouts for, thanks to Steve Wacker, the best editor in the whole universe*. Scripts by Josh "The Beard" Fialkov, final art by Juan Bobillo and colors by Andres Mossa.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital,  available on Marvel & comiXology's website and Apps (for Ios, Android & Windows phone)
Issue #1, Promotional Paper edition100% paper. In English. This issue was used for promotion during the release of the sequel to the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.
- Hardcover edition: coming soon.


A two-part story tie-in to Marvel's 2014 summer event: Original Sin. Featuring Black Nick Fury, White Phil Coulson and Hydra. Written by Ales Kot, final art by Ryan Kelly, colors by Lee Loughridge.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital,  available on Marvel & comiXology's website and Apps (for Ios, Android & Windows phone)
Secret Avengers TPB Vol. 1100% paper. In English. Our two episodes are featured in this volume, along with the awesome first five episodes of the regular Secret Avengers series.


We did the layouts for episodes 1, 2, 4 & 6 (3 & 5 were done by Daniel Govar). Script by Rob Williams, final art by Iban Coello Soria, Neil Edwards and Paco Diaz. Colors by Andres Mossa. First Infinite Comics that was released the Netflix way: every episode were made available all at once.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital,  available on Marvel & comiXology's website and Apps (for Ios, Android & Windows phone). There's a promotional bundle with the complete series.
Issues 1 to 4, weekly paper edition., 100% paper. In English. In october 2014, Marvel will release our Thanos series each week.
Hardcover edition100% paper. In English, which also contains Thanos Annual #1.


A six-part story featuring the all-new, all-different FalCap. Really proud to bring more diversity to the Marvel Universe!
This story takes place between Captain America #25 & All New Captain America #1.

 Written by Hopeful Dennis Hopeless, layouts by Goddamn Geoffo and Majestic Mast, final art by Scary Szymon Kudranski.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital,  available all at once on Marvel & comiXology's website and Apps (for Ios, Android & Windows phone)


Our biggest project yet, a Transmedia Infinite Comics that will expand the universe of the Ultimate Spider-Man' Disney XD tv show!

 With scripts by Eugene Son, Matt Kindt, Tim Seeley & Cullen Bunn, final art by Lucciano Vecchio & Soutch. This will be release soon, FOR FREE. It's an All Ages comics & probably the best work we did for Marvel so far.

The Infinite Comic, 100% digital, FREE and available in 13 languages! You can't miss this one!

There's even more stuff coming up, so stay tuned, friends!

PS: I should thank one more time Balak, Mark Waid, Christina Blanch, Steve Wacker & Tom Brennan for helping us to get where we are today! Merci!
*This is not true.

mardi 15 avril 2014

Of Ultimate Spider-Man Transmedia project, launching our Start-Up & not sleeping enough.

Haha, again, I forgot to update this blog.
So much going on right now.

With Geoffo, we're in the process of launching our start-up, specialized in Turbomedia (stories with digital reading in mind) and Transmedia projects. Lot of exciting stuff, lot of work, lot of everything.

But, definitely worth it.

We're also still working for Marvel Comics! Last month, one of our favourites projects has been announced at SWSX in Austin, Texas: Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics. A Transmedia project, linked to the Disney XD's TV show of the same name, in 24 All-Ages episodes, available for free, in 13 languages, soon!

We don't have a lot of time for social activities and sleeping stuff, but, again, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

More stuff and announcements in a few weeks!

Stay lucky!


lundi 3 mars 2014

I've been busy.

Sorry, I haven't post anything in a while. Pretty busy these last few months. Always on the Marvel Infinite Comics layouts stuff with my bro Geoffo (Amazing Spider-Man #1 to #13, Iron Man Fatal Frontier...), did a "Bouncer" Turbomedia (comic designed for the screens) with Jodorowsky and Boucq, a Scott Pilgrim digital comic trailer for fun, a timeline for Turbomedia's fifth birthday, some Jim The Duck cartoons (yup, that little duck from Community), two panels during Angoulême comic convention (with the comiXology guys)... There's SO MUCH more stuff coming up this year. Stuff I'm proud of. Can't wait for you all to see it. ---- Désolé pour le manque de news, supra-méga-occupé ces derniers temps. Plein de trucs à venir. Plein. (c'est plus court qu'en anglais, mais, là-tout-de-suite, je suis malade, t'as vu) JL Mast.