vendredi 14 septembre 2012



Edit: 16000 views and counting. Thanks!

 Here's Watchmen 3, 28 pages by some of the best comics talents!

The Avenging Jeff Smith!
The Mighty Eduardo Risso!
The Astonishing Jaime Hernandez!
The All-New, All-Different John Byrne
The Supercalifragilisticexpalidocious Charles Burns
The Savage Erik Larsen
The Fearless Art Spiegelman!
The Ultimate Tim Sale!
The Spectacular Paul Pope!
The Sensational Mike Mignola
The Incredible Geof Darrow
The Understandable Scott McCloud!
Kyle Baker 2099
The motherfuckin' Frank Miller
The Animated Bruce Timm!
The Weird Bryan Lee O'Malley!
The duckissime Keno Don Rosa
The Fastest Man Alive George Pérez!
The Rob Liefeld
The Amazing John Romita Jr
Friendly Neighborhood Frank Quitely!
Wolverine and the & Chris Ware
The Invincible Lewis Trondheim!

And mostly me.

Download a .cbr or a .pdf for a great quality:

 You can read it here as well: Watchmen Three by Mast

Also, I'll be a guest at the first Northants International Comics Expo, next week!