lundi 13 août 2012

RIP Joe KUBERT: Tribute.

Here’s a Tribute to artist Joe Kubert who passed away on august 12th.

A few Batman & Detective Comics covers:

From Batman: Black & White #1:

From Batman #400:

From Just Imagine Stan Lee... Batman:

From Punisher: War Zone #31-36:

The Punisher: Ashcan.

From Conan The Cimmerian #14:

From Tarzan #207-212:

Tarzan Work In Progress:

A wonderful Tarzan diorama:

From TOR:

From The Brave & The Bold #16, Viking Prince & the Mermaid:

Some Hawkman from The Brave & The Bold:

From Hollywood Confessions #1 & 2:

From Star Spangled War Stories, some Enemy Ace:

A few pin-up of Sgt. Rock:

From Strange Terrors #3:

From Strange Terrors #4:

From Sensation Comics #57 (sept 1946):

From Sensation Comics #66: Wildcat!

From The Crime Machine #1:

From Out of This World Adventures #1:

Various covers:

From Yossel, April 19, 1943:

Fax from Sarajevo:

Sin City Pin Up:

Arzach Pin Up:

Andy & Adam are Joe's sons, both comic book artists as well. Sometimes, Joe worked on his son's comics.

Inking Andy Kubert's pencils on Batman #664 cover:

Inking Andy Kubert's pencils in Captain America #16 & #28:

Inking Andy's pencils from Before Watchmen: Nite Owl:

Inking Adam Kubert's pencils in The Incredible Hulk #464:

In Ultimate X-Men 11, Joe inked Adam:

In Wednesday Comics, Joe drew a script of Adam!

Sgt. Rock by Joe, Andy & Adam Kubert:

From DC Special #5:

Two videos of Joe:

Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Jean Giraud 1972 par Arsene-desbois

Well, that's that. So long, Joe.

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